Navratra- Days of enlightnment

Nine nights of color, dance, devotion and energy has begun, the Navratra festival. All year we wait for these nine nights when the goddess Durga with her nine avatars lands up on the earth to bless their children and take away the evil. Navratra in english refers to nine nights representing the nine avatars of goddess Durga.

Navratra is seen at its best phase in kolkata. People in kolkata are devotees of goddess durga and her avatars. They celebrate the festival with utmost joy and devotion and not to forget by offering their delicious delicacies. The main pooja happens on the 8th day of navratra mainely known as the Durga Ashtami, where everyone can be seen in their full festival mood with lots of delicious dishes all around. During the ninth day you can find women in kolkata wearing white sarees with red border playing, with Sindoor and Gulaal when they bid goodbye to the goddess with hopes of coming back soon next year.

Where kolkata is famous for their religious and devoted celebration, Gujarat is famous for its nine colorful nights, it is famous for “Garba”. Garba is a traditional dance that can be seen performing in every city during navratra but it comes from gujarat and so they have mastered the dance as well. Lots of light, loud music and colorful clothes makes garba a deliverance of joy, energy and happiness. The special gujarti paridhan makes it look even more beautiful.

While these two cities depict the best essence of navratra, but the happiness can be seen everywhere, with beautiful and decorated pandals and not to forget the dishes to be offered during fast.

So this Nvaratra enjoy the delicious and mouth watering dishes that BhopalBazar brings to you, right at your doorstep and let you taste bud rock-n-roll.

Happy navratri


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