Enjoy Online Sabudana Khichdi In Bhopal

sabudana khichdi

BhopalBazar.com provide online sawan special sabudana khichdi(falahari) .Our khichdi is pure vegetarian, delicious and made according to your requirement. we know that khichdi is pure Indian food prepaired during fasting days. Now this sawan enjoy sawan special sabudana khichdi with Bhopal Bazar.We have Monday special offers  for all customer’s. If you buy above the rupees 500 then we will provide you free home delivery and the second think if you buy above the rupees 1000 then you get free home delivery with 50 rupees less. We want our customer’s happy and reliable delivery service. We deliver anywhere anytime in Bhopal and we cover all areas. This  Sabudana khichdi is specially made for you because we know that every people want fresh and pure food  and this is not available everywhere but this is possible with Bhopal bazar.com.We made many types of khichdi sweet khichdi,spicy khichdi,less spicy khichdi etc for different type of khichdi lovers. So now this sawan enjoy sawan special khichdi with your family,relatives and friends.celebrate your happiness and success with Bhopal Bazar.com. We wish this sawn fill your life lot of happiness.

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