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As we make Bhopal sweet lover, there is something that is driving bhopal crazy; our Mixed fruit cake. There it is the best seller with almost  45 orders in a month.

Fruits are always tastier to have, and when mixed with cake no one can match its deliciousness.

In our mixed fruit cake we give the tasty, mouthwatering taste of fresh fruits that just melts away right at the moment you take the first bite, followed by the spongy and moist pineapple sponge cake. Not to forget the toppings make it better, fresh cream with freshness of tropical fruits like pineapple, kiwi and the all time favorite apple, makes it thousand tons better.

So, visit bhopalbazar and enjoy our best seller mixed fruit cake. While you enjoy it do not forget to shop other items on Bhopalbazar as well.

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Happy feast

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